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About Us

COMPACT FREIGHT SYSTEM LTD is a modern, secure and efficient transshipment facility, with a container freight station (C.F.S), a customs bonded warehouse and a Motor Vehicle Storage Yard. COMPACT FREIGHT SYSTEM LTD has a leading edge in the logistic provision to shippers, clearing & forwarding firms, bulk importers/exporters and the general public at large.

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What We Do!

We handle cargo passing through the port of Mombasa on a direct  delivery basis.

We undertake all cargo documentation prior to arrival of the vessel to facilitate cargo clearance and removal from the port.

We are a one stop clearance hub with the relevant government agencies including Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA),  Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) and Kenya Police located within the CFS to facilitate quick clearance  

Customer Care

We always endeavor to provide a good working environment for our customers. Our customer service center is well equipped with modern technology and competent staff. We ensure our customer service personnel are on 24/7. We ensure the customer always comes first. The business community has turned digital we have provided an ICT center to our esteemed customers to enhance their business transactions.