Frequently asked questions

A CFS is a Container Freight Station. It serves as an off-dock terminal and provides handling and storage services as an extension of the Port. CFS‘s are licensed by Kenya Revenue Authority but works under the umbrella of KPA tariff.

CFS handles both domestic and transit cargo. These includes:

  • Containers
  • Motor vehicles
  • Heavy machinery
  • Project cargo
  • Loose cargo
  • We adhere to the laid down regulations on procedures and documentation, to ensure standardization in all areas of our operations
  • One stop clearance hub with all the relevant agencies
  • Our strategic location, along the Mombasa Nairobi Highway, make it easier to load and evacuate cargo
  • Transparent tariff with no hidden extra charges
  • Regular updates on your shipments, which will help you keep track  
  • Maximum security of the cargo is maintained during transfer and when delivered at the CFS

• At the time of shipping, request your shipper to insert the clause “in transit to Compact Freight System Ltd” on the Bill of lading under the section of goods description and also to include the same clause in the “Final Destination” section of the Bill of Lading.
• If not nominated on the bill of lading, a letter of indemnity written on the Consignee’s letter head can be provided to the shipping line at least 6 days prior to the ETA of the vessel to insert the clause for ‘Compact Freight System Ltd’ before the manifest is lodged. You can always Contact our offices through
info@compactcfs.co.ke for the sample of indemnity letter format to the respective shipping line.

  • Delivery Order
  • Customs entry
  • Delivery Order
  • Customs Entry
  • Duty Receipt
  • MPRO 
  • Port Pass copy
  • Original Port Pass
  • You also need an email from your company domain, stating the following: Truck details, Driver’s name and I/D number of the driver. Please send these details through to: info@compactcfs.co.ke

You need to pick up the CFS copy from our customer care desk. To do this, you must provide identification by way of a Port pass and this must bear your company name. Please note that no documents will be released without satisfactory documentation.

  • Letter on official document (letterhead) from your company
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Pin number
  • Copy of log book
  • Registration Certificate